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At Xorta Global we get up to many exciting things throughout the year. Here you can read about some of the incredible opportunities that we have been a part of over the last few years.

Summer 2022 - Puerto de Indias, Portobello, Corralejo & Montblanc


This summer we are elated to announce a partnership with three new spirit brands; Puerto de Indias Gin, Montblanc Vodka, Portobello Road Gin and Corralejo Tequila. 

We have big plans for these lines and are looking forward to their introductions into the West Coast African markets. This includes The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands. We have high expectations for these brands to thrive in our markets.


June 2022 - Angostura

Angostura logo.jpg

As of June 2022 we are proud to announce that we are now working alongside Angostura! This is an exciting partnership that we are looking forward to exploring within the West African markets. 

March 2022 - Molson Coors

molson  coors.jpg

September 2021 - Stoli Vodka

We are happy to announce that we are now distributors of Molson Coors. We are going to be working with an array of Molsoon Coors products which we are excited to see in our West Coast African markets. We have high hopes for this partnership and are confident in our success with this company.


In September 2021 Xorta has big plans for the distribution of Stoli Vodka into the West Coast African market. There are exciting times ahead for this brand as we believe Stoli will thrive in this market.

August 2021 - Coty


As of August 2021 Xorta are proud to announce that we are now distributors for Coty. Since 1904 Coty has pioneered positive innovation accross the beauty industry and have become world leaders in beauty and home to a roster of cosmetic, skincare and fragrance brands. We are priviliged to say that we will be distributing an array of Coty's luxury as well as consumer brands accross our markets in West Africa including Senegal, Cape Verde Islands, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Niger just to name a few. We see great success for this partnership!

April 2021 - Banjul International Airport

new banjul airport.jpg
banjul airprot 5.jpg
new banjul airport 2.jpg

As of April 1st we are proud to announce that we have opened our new duty-free shops in Banjul International Airport at arrivals and departures. After a challenging 2020 we have continued to accomplish our goals which included refurbishing our  duty-free stores at Banjul International airport. Taking advantage of an unfortunate global situation Banjul airport has undergone a full face lift which we have joined arms with in deciding to redo our stores. We cannot wait for locals and tourists to enjoy our new stores as travel and tourism opens up more and more in the near future.

new banjul airport 3.jpg
banjul referb.jpg
banjul referb 2.jpg
new banjul airport 5.jpg
banjul airport 7.jpg

October 2020 preview

As of October 2020 Xorta Global has big plans for the distribution of many new brands into the West Coast African market. Xorta is set to introduce Bushmills, Jose Cuervo, Anejo 1800 and all of the Proximo range into its West Coast African markets. This includes The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands. We are so exctied to introduce these amazing brands into these markets as we know they will thrive and succeed.  


August 2020

heineken 0.png

In August 2020 Xorta introduced Heineken 0.0 into their West Coast African markets. This was an extremely exciting time for both Heineken and Xorta Global with all of the success Heieneken has already had in these markets, there was a big buzz about introducing the zero alcohol range. Given that a handful of religions practiced in West Africa call for no alcohol, this range is only set for success and we cant wait to watch Heineken 0.0 have the same turnout it has had in Europe over the last year mirrored in West Africa.

July 2020

straw hat.png

In July 2020 Xorta introduced Corona beer into its West Coast African markets. We are very excited that Corona is now available in Off-trade and On-trade markets and we believe exciting times lie ahead for such an iconic brand which has dominated globaly for years in the segment of Mexican light beers. 

Alongside Corona, in July Accolade wines and Straw Hat were also introduced. There are exciting times ahead for these brands and we are looking forward to their success and popularity within our West Coast African markets.


Unfortunately, 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone to say the least with many businesses and brands suffering around the world as a result of this unforseen global pandemic. However, despite the hardships the world is facing Xorta has managed to maintain  steady growth and strong presence in its markets as well as adding new brands to the portfolio such as; Accolade wines, CWF wines, Fernet Branca and Proximo spirits. Alongside this we are still striving to ever increase our presence in our markets with solid distribution and marketing plans to achieve maximum visibility in our markets.

straw hat.png

Heineken vehicles in 2019


In 2019 Xorta worked to increase the number of Heineken branded vehicles circulating in our West African markets. As you can see from the images an array of different vehicles and branding styles were used. There are now multiple branded vehicles in The Gambaia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, etc... spreading brand awareness as Heineken becomes a favorite of the locals.

hk truck.jpg

The Gambia Beach Championships 2019


In the summer of 2019 The Gambia Beach Championships took place. Xorta worked alongside Heineken as one of the sponsors for the event. Many people from neighbouring countries (including expats) attended and competed in the championships.  As you can see from the photos the event was held on the picturesque beach of the Coco Ocean Hotel in The Gambia and lots of fun was had. There was a great atmosphere as everyone came together for some friendly competition and a good drink or five. 


Binny's Reloaded Launch 2018


In summer 2018 Xorta worked with Heineken in the relaunch and branding of Binny´s Reloaded Bar in the Senegambia strip. Binny´s has been one of the most popular bars on the strip for years, playing live music most nights and a place well frequented not just by tourists but also locals and expats. The relaunch consisted of a Heineken branded facelift for the bar including neon signs and a new bar setup. The launch party was a big success!


The Great African Run 2018


In 2018 The Great African Run took place once again. The annual rally from the heart of Europe to the depths of West Africa passed through The Gambia on its way. Xorta and Heineken worked together as sponsers for the popular event helping to create the great atmosphere experienced. As you can see in the photos this legendary event brings so many people together to enjoy. It is an event that encourages community, fun, eating, drinking and having a great time. 


Budweiser ´The King of all Beers´ 2018


In July 2018, Xorta started mutual cooperation with AbInbev in our markets in West Coast Africa. We introduced ´The King of all Beers´ - Budweiser. We have great expectations for Budweiser and are working relentlessly in all our markets to incorporate the brand into all sales outlets Off-trade and On-trade before the end of this year. While now working with AInbev we have also taken it upon ourselves to introduce a large part of their portfolio which includes; Becks, Stella and Leffe along with Budweiser. 

September 2022 - Benin Office

As of Septmeber we are excited to announce the opening of our new distribution centre in Benin!
We are thrilled about this new partnership and look forward to the success we will have here.

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